List of birds killed 2009-2012


Unfortunately, Tierpark Berlin is one of the zoological gardens of Germany that witnesses a rapid multiplication of wild foxes living on the grounds and causing extensive damage in the aviaries, but in other parts as well. Wild hawks also routinely cause losses.

Most affected are ducks, geese, swans and pelicans.

After the elections for the house of representatives in Berlin, and the government participation of the Green party things are expected to change for the worse. As culling foxes is apparently extremely difficult in Berlin due to existing legislation (in contrast to other German states where they can be hunted and cause less damage), the question is who to protect the birds better using other means. It would make sense to secure fox- and hawk-endangered enclosures by installing higher fences that should also extend one metre into the ground and have hot wires at the top. Covering them with hawk-proof netting would be useful too. Both measures were successfully tried and tested in numerous zoos and have become established practice. Why is that not possible in Tierpark Berlin??? Regular and occasional visitors are raising the question, but no one knows how many more birds have to die before appropriate measures are taken.

It is here that I present a list of birds killed in 2009-2011 put together by several regular visitors and myself. The list is not complete and the actual number of birds killed is certainly higher.

List of birds killed by foxes or hawks in Tierpark Berlin from 2009-2012

( 21.04.2012)

Ferruginous Ducks (all!)


Wood Ducks (all!)


Mandarin ducks (all!)

Eurasian Teals (all!)


Garganeys (all!)


King Eiders (all!)


Brant Geese (all!)

Fulvous Whistling Ducks (all!)


Australian Pelicans (2 ; 1,1!)



Peruvian Pelicans (4 ; 2,2!)


Tundra Swans (2 ; 1,1!)



Black Swans (1 ; 0,1!)



Black-necked Swans (2 ; 1,1!)



Whooper Swans (1 ; 0,1!)



Bewick’s Swans (2 ; 1,1!)



Lesser Flamingoes (several, number unknown!)


Dusky Canada Geese (1!)

Blue-winged Geese (2!)


Meller’s Ducks (4!)

Barrow's Goldeneye (3!)


Spectacled Eiders (4!)

Eiders (6 ; 3,3!)


Red-billed Teals (7!)

Common Mergansers (3!)


Red-breasted Mergansers  (1!)


Hawaiian Geese (9!)


Snow Geese (several, number unknown!)

Common Shelducks (several, number unknown!)

Greylag Geese (several, number unknown!)

Plumed Whistling Duck (3!)


I do hope I will not have to expand the list dramatically before measures are taken. 

Let me add here that 88 of the 9,000 species of birds worldwide are completely extinct by now. 637 species of birds are close to extinction and 1,029 are threatened with extinction!!! (as of the end of 2010)


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